06 March 2011

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Fashion San Frontieres

We are looking for designers / quilters/ who would be interested in putting together a collection for the 2011 Festival of Quilts, Birmingham.

Each collection to contain three items. 1 daywear, 1 evening wear and 1 Wearable Art, an accessory to be incorporated into one of the items. Each designer can form a team to complete the work. (A designs the three items and has a team of quilters to help complete the items.)

The selected designers to be prepared to model the work or have a friend model the work in Birmingham.

Four countries have been selected by Festival of Quilts to put forward collections. Russia, United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland.

Those interested please contact me immediately for further details.

Loretta O’Brien (EQA Rep) loretta@aspennet.ie


Celebrating Diversity.

This exhibition will be held at the Quilt museum and Gallery in York in UK from May to August 2012

Each country is asked to submit just two quilts. The quilts must be new and never been shown in an exhibition anywhere before, not even on blogs. The work has to be in the form of a wall quilt. It can be patchwork / appliqué / wholecloth etc and can incorporate any technique (traditional or contemporary) currently in use.

Size of work: The quilts must measure 1 metre wide and 2 meters in length. It must also have a 10cm sleeve attached for hanging and the label with the makers details on the back lower right hand corner.

Artist’s statement: Each quilt must be accompanied by a full artist’s statement.

Closing date: The closing date for receipt of 3 digital photographs (1 of the completed quilt, 1 close-up (detail) and one of the Artist) is 1st December 2011

Loretta O’Brien (EQA Rep). loretta@aspennet.ie please mark your email “Celebrating Diversity”

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