21 December 2011

Festival of Quilts 2012 - Amended Competition Rules

A few (minor) alterations have been made to the Rules and Regulations for the quilt competitions at the Festival of Quilts next year. By clicking on the link at the bottom of the post, you can download the up-to-date version. The key differences are to do with the definition of exactly who can claim to be an “amateur” rather than a “professional” quilter. 

The organisers of the exhibit (Twisted Thread) also hope to encourage more people to participate by entering a quilt. The stance at The Festival of Quilts is to welcome all comers! Every single quilt on display will prove to be the absolute favourite for at least one of the visitors, and it would be a particular privilege to show work from someone who has never yet entered any competition anywhere. So many quilters simply don’t want to get involved in what they see as the fad and fuss of entering a quilt show – after all, their work is simply to be shared by family and friends. They like to think of the Festival of Quilts visitor as being part of a very large, international family so please don’t be put off. The message is simple. Please enter a quilt!

The programme for next year's event is pretty well advanced. Full details will be available in mid February when bookings will be going live. There’s lots of exciting news to convey but you might already know that they will be featuring a huge Pauline Burbidge Retrospective which also features brand new work. 

I wish you happiness over the Festive Season – but keep quilting
With kind regards
Andrew JM Salmon
Managing Director


23 November 2011

Crafts Council of Ireland Poll on proposed name change

 poll now closed.
Dear All,
There is a poll from the Crafts Council of Ireland to be completed by the 25th November 2011 about a proposed name change. The proposed name change was discussed at executive level in the CCoI and it was agreed that Design should not be introduced into the name. There are a number of reasons for this.
Is it to be called The Design and Craft Council of Ireland or The Craft and Design Council of Ireland. Many felt that if the name had to be changed that Design should not come first.
If Design is introduced then it will not be the Craft Council any longer, graphic design, engineering etc will have to be admitted and this increased the membership and dilutes the monies available to the guilds, networks and societies.
The Crafts Council of Ireland (CCOI) is a very well recognised logo and organisation and appears to be fit for purpose at the moment-does it need to be changed? in particular after a very successful Year of Craft.
Do we need to spend the money that will be involved in in changing?
These are just some of the arguments and there are many more.
Below is the email from the CEO
Please share your thoughts by doing the poll.
Mary Hunter (CCoI Rep).

Dear GANS representative,

Further to the GANS meeting which took place in Kilkenny on 16th September 2011, an online poll has been created as part of the consultation process around the proposal to amend the name of the Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) to include the word 'Design'.

This online poll provides your members with an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback on this proposal, and this feedback is very important to us.  We would therefore ask you to encourage all of your members to take a few minutes to participate in the online poll.  CCoI will also be inviting our registered clients to participate in the poll.

Please click on this link: 
http://bit.ly/ccoiganspna which directs to:
• a letter from the Board of Directors of the Crafts Council of Ireland inviting your members to participate in this poll
• an outline regarding the background and rationale for the proposal
• the online poll

As mentioned in the letter, any GANS member who has a query or would like to obtain additional information on the proposed name amendment can email survey@ccoi.ieWe would ask all GANS members to complete the poll by Friday 25th November 2011 in order to ensure all feedback can be incorporated as part of our consultation process.

What you need to do:• Please forward this link 
http://bit.ly/ccoiganspna to all of your individual members by email which contains the letter from the Board of the Crafts Council of Ireland and includes the background document and the link to the online poll
• Please encourage your members to complete the online poll, highlighting the closing date of Friday 25th November 2011
• Please forward any queries you receive from individual members or let us know if there are any recurring questions or concerns around the proposal

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for participating in this consultation process.

Kind regards,
Karen Hennessy.

Chief Executive
Crafts Council of Ireland
Executive Assistant: 056 7796148

01 November 2011

Further Details on Elizabeth McCartney's Embroidered boxes workshop at An Grianan

Elizabeth McCartney - Embroidered Boxes Workshop

Elizabeth McCartney will be giving one of the workshops at the forthcoming An Grianan weekend. Here's some more details about what's involved in her workshop.

Details of the workshop:
During this workshop you will construct a box similar to the one shown in the magazine, using acrylic felt, pelmet vilene and fabric as a base onto which you will applique, free machine and hand embroider, couch, and embellish to your heart's content using any method you desire.  This is an opportunity to use your lovely fabric scraps, threads, buttons, beads, wire, stamps, paint etc.  The faint hearted may use Elizabeth's box pattern if they choose. 

Here's some other examples of Elizabeth's work:

31 October 2011

New Contemporary Quilting Group

Contemporary Quilting Group:

Contemporary Quilters of Ireland is a new branch of the Irish Patchwork Society for people interested in the contemporary side of quilting.

It is for those interested in stretching themselves and moving forward in making art through the medium of the quilt and also for those who want to be involved and offer support to the group.
The group is still in the early day of being set-up, so we're looking for interested members. If you're interested in joining the group, please click on the link to join the yahoo group (See below or click on the link to the right of the page). Alternatively, you can email Claire Lynch for further details (email address is listed in the Newsletter).
Once we get a few more members, we're going to call a meeting and set up a committee, start organising challenges etc.

  Click to join cqireland
  Click to join cqireland

24 October 2011

EQA Exhibition at Festival of Quilts 2012 - Crossroads

  European Quilt Association

EQA Exhibition at FoQ in 2012

The theme of next year's exhibition is: Crossroads
Each country's quilts will be hung together in next year's gallery at FoQ

Some ideas about the "Crossroads" theme:
The roads are crossing our lives- people, events or things crossing your life unexpectedly, and make us enjoy life - meeting people in crossroads, some people stay in your life, some not, but all touch your life in some way. Life is not straightforward: you get sometimes lost or take sideways steps.
Crossroads can be a meeting place where people gather to exchange news about one and others lives. A place where we want to make a decision as to what direction we will follow. 

1. Size: 20 x 50cm (7 7/8 x 19 5/8). To be hung horizontally.
2. Edges: free choice of edging treatment (i.e. raw or bound).
3. Any technique may be used but the quilt may consist of three layers. No glass fronted or mounted exhibits will be accepted. Be warned that quilts which are delicate or stiff are difficult to transport safely.
4. The entire collection of "Crossroads" will be launched at the Festival of Quilts in 2012. Some countries may decide to display their quilts from neighbouring countries at their annual general meetings. In this case, these quilts will be returned later than September 2012.
5. All guild members may enter and there is no entry fee. The quilts are not for sale.
6. All quilts must have a 10cm (4 inch) hanging sleeve (with extra fullness to accomodate the rod) sewn 1cm below the top of the quilt and stopping 2cm from each side.
7. The quilts are insured for a nominal sum during the exhibition including transport to and from the FoQ 2012. (Information on transport and insurance for other exhibitions is available from the guild organising the event. Should a quilt be damaged or lost, the EQA member guilds is responsible for compensating the maker).
8. The entry form and photo should reach the International Representative by 31st May 2012.
9. 10 quilts will be selected by each country by 30th June 2012. Any quilts which do not comply with the rules, particularly in terms of size or hanging sleeve, can be rejected on submission.
10. Photos of the quilts may be used for publicity purposes.
11. Every member country of the EQA must provide TEN quilts for this exhibition. If too many quilts are submitted, 10 must be selected in whatever way the guild decides. If too few quilts are submitted, the IR/executive committee of the guild MUST organise the making of the missing quilts.

The EQA entry form and rules are listed on the Forms and Documents section of this blog.

You can find a copy of EQA Crossroads Entry Form and Rules here

19 October 2011

International Block Swap

 International Block Swap
Deadline: 31st March 2012
The online magazine Quilt around the World (www.quilt-around-the-world.com) has started a truly ambitious patchwork project – a global quilt block swap.

Invited are patchwork and quilt enthusiasts worldwide, no matter whether novices, occasional quilters or professionals. “We are not organising the patchwork and quilting world championships,” states Jutta Hufnagel, Managing Director of Quilt around the World GmbH. “For us, the main focus lies in the fun of working together with as many quilters from around the world as possible in this multi-national and cross-cultural quilt project.”

The quilters are asked to sew 12 quilt blocks according to their individual taste and quilt mastery. The blocks will then be swapped within internationally mixed teams. In order to achieve a great a diversity as possible there are next to no technique, colour or design restrictions. In the end, every participant will have the makings of a unique sampler quilt containing 12 different blocks from 12 different people around the world.
Participation in the International Block Swap is free. To cover the postage for the return of the individual sets of 12 different quilt blocks 10 € or 15 US$ will be charged. All monies left over will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Médecins sans Frontières (www.msf.org).
The deadline for submitting the 12 blocks is 31 March 2012.

To make this swap work, they need YOUR HELP!
The more blocks from as many different countries as possible, the more interesting this will be for everybody. Participants will be grouped into teams of 12 and the blocks will be swapped within the team. In the end, every participant will have the makings of a unique quilt containing 12 different blocks from 12 different people around the world.

They are hoping that, through this, lots of friendships will be forged around the world. 

How the International Block Swap will be organized:
  • Download the PDF flyer and fill in the registration form.
  • Send them the form together with your 12 identical blocks measuring 12 1/2“ or 31.5 cm (UNFINISHED size).
  • There are no restrictions regarding technique, colour or design. Please use high-quality cotton fabrics, an off-white background and include the colour red.
  • The deadline is 31 March 2012.
  • In addition, please transfer 10 EUR or 15 USD to cover international postagefor the return of your set of 12 different blocks. The instructions for payment can be found on the back of the enclosed PDF flyer.
  • They would also like entrants to enclose 12 picture postcards of your town, area or country with a bit about yourself on the back when you send your blocks. If you want to include your address and or email that’s up to you.
  • Beginning on 1 April 2012, teams will be formed to start sending out the block sets and the postcards.
  • As soon as the last package has been sent, all monies left over will be donated to Médecins sans frontières (www.msf.org).
Of course everyone will be curious to see your individual results! You can share a picture of your finished swap block quilt (top) by sending it to info@quilt-around-the-world.com where they promise to publish as many masterpieces as we can.
As the first International Block Swap evolves, they will publish pictures of blocks already sent to them, provide inspiration to help you get started, answer questions on any aspect of the swap and whatever else may crop up.
If you haven’t quilted for a very long time, don’t feel intimidated by the rules. You can do this!

16 October 2011

National AGM 2012

The Annual AGM of the Irish Patchwork Society took place on Saturday 15th October in the Ambassador Hotel, Co. Cork.

Many thanks to the Cork Branch for organising this year's AGM!

Two nominations for the executive committee were received: from Ritamary Bolton (our new Editor), Bernadette Falvey and Sherry Nugent. Unfortunately, other nominations for the executive committee were thin on the ground on the day, so there are still a number of vacancies on the executive committee.

Internationally renowned quilter Philippa Naylor gave the guest lecture after the AGM. Philippa gave a talk on how she got started in quilting, her years living in Saudi Arabia and how she constructs her award-winning quilts.

The challenge for this year's AGM was to make a miniature quilt. The winner (as chosen by Philippa Naylor) was Mary Palmer. See below for a selection of some of the fantastic entries for this challenge.

Also at this year's AGM, the winners of the Branching Out Exhibtion "Judges Choice" and "Viewers Choice" were announced. Dearbhla O'Reilly (Eastern Branch) was voted the winner of the judges choice for her quilt "Nana's Garden". This quilt also proved extremely popular with visitors to the exhibit at the Festival of Quilts.

Maria Bolton (Eastern Branch) was announced as the winner of the Viewers Choice prize for her quilt "Memories of Glacier".

The AGM 2012 will take place on Saturday 6th October 2012 in the Strand Hotel, Limerick City.

12 October 2011

Sew Irish Flickr Group

The Sew Irish Flickr group is a group for Irish based sewers and quilters to join. Whether you're a beginner or  super-experienced, you can join in the fun, share your work and get chatting in the discussions.

Sew Irish Flickr Group

Reminder: IPS National AGM takes place this Saturday 15th October

Just a reminder that the IPS National AGM will be taking place this Saturday (15th October) at the Ambassador Hotel, Military Road, Cork.

Also, international quilting teacher Philippa Naylor will be giving a talk after lunch on her work.

30 September 2011

South-West (Kerry) Branch - Change of Venue for meetings

Please note: Kerry Branch meetings are now held at their new venue:

Collis-Sandes House, Tralee
every 4th Friday of the month. 

except for December when the meeting will be held on the 16th.

26 September 2011

Future Planning of the Irish Patchwork Society

Future Planning:

After a very successful year, the increased awareness of the Irish Patchwork Society and growing membership let us now continue to build on the success of the past 30 years.

We the members now as a group need to plan for our future and decide what each one of us would like from this society.

There will be an informal meeting at the AGM and to start the process we would like each branch to appoint two interested members, if possible one long term member and one newer member. This group will then meet around the time of Knitting and Stitching to further develop ideas.

Please discuss your ideas for our future at your branch. All members are welcome to submit their ideas or attend any of the meeting arranged.

Miriam Gogarty

15 September 2011

Fabric postcards - submission date has been extended.

It has been decided to extend the date for submission of the fabric postcards to the start of November. The postcards willl be on display at the Knitting & Stitching Show, RDS, Dublin from the 10th - 13th November.

The postcards will be raffled off at this show in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation at the show.

We're still receiving postcards in the mail box. Here a few of the more recent arrivals..

Postcard from Darcy Peters in Canada. Postcard was made using the flower pounding technique.
Postcard from Riitta Tilja in Finland

Postcard from Mary Maguire (Eastern Branch) who posted her postcard from Oban, Scotland.
Thanks to everyone who has submitted postcards so far!

02 September 2011

Hands Across the Border Exhibition

The Hands Across the Border Exhibition is now on exhibit at the Visitors Centre, Phoenix Park, Dublin.
The exhibition opened 2nd September and it will be on display until the 30th September.

The theme of this exhibit is "Dreamcatcher". This is a bi-annual joint exhibition between the Irish Patchwork Society and the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild.

To get to the Visitors Centre:
Phoenix Park Visitors Centre


4km from centre of Dublin in the Phoenix Park, signposted from the Phoenix Monument.

Bus Routes:
Bus 37, 38, 39 and 70 from Hawkins Street to the Halfway House Roundabout on Navan Road. Enter the park by the Ashtown Gate, walk approximately 190 metres to the T-junction and turn left, walk for about 10 mins until you reach the building on your left, the pathway on the right-hand side leads you towards the trees and the back gate of Ashtown Castle.

No. 46A from UCD Belfield to Phoenix Park - Infirmary Road - North Circular Road Gate (30 min walk from Gate).

Train: Dublin Connolly to Ashtown Station.

01 September 2011

Bonnie McCaffrey Vidcast from Festival of Quilts

American quilter Bonnie McCaffrey has two vidcasts from the Festival of Quilts on her website.

The Irish Patchwork Society's "Branching Out" exhibition is featured in the 2nd vidcast, along with some of our members.

Bonnie McCaffrey Vidcast of FoQ

30 August 2011

Irish Guild of Embroiderers

The Irish Guild of Embroiderers invite you to their exhibition "Off the Wall" (an exhibition of textile work).

The exhibition will be taking place in the Pearse Museum, St. Enda's Park, Dublin 14. (Tel. 01-493-4208) 
The exhibition runs from Saturday 3rd September till 30th September, 10am - 5pm.

At 10.30am Saturday 3rd September, Sue Rangeley will be giving a lecture. After the lecture, Sue will be officially opening the exhibition

16 August 2011

Fashion Sans Frontier Event, Festival of Quilts

Last Thursday night (11th August) Ireland took on the UK and Russia in a fashion show (Fashion Sans Frontier). This fashion show was organised by Twisted Thread/Festival of Quilts.

Each of the countries had 4 people who each had to make 3 outfits and 1 accessory for the show.
The fashion show was great fun, Ireland had two great tables up near the front so we had a great view of the proceedings. The Irish entrants were Paula Rafferty (Mid-west), Pauline Holt (North-East), Mogs McDonnell (Western Branch) and Bernie O'Sullivan (South-Western Branch).

Ireland won the day-wear collection category and Mogs McDonnell was also highly commended by the judges for her evening-wear outfit..

Festival of Quilts - Irish Winners

There were a number of Irish quilts entered in this years Festival of Quilts competition. And even better, there were a few Irish winners this year!

Congratulations go to:

Winner of the Contemporary Quilt Category:
"Dear Jane, it's the 21st Century" by Valerie Mullally, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland

Winners of the Primary School Category:
Fybough National School, Castlemaine, Co. Kerry.
This quilt was based around Puck Fair which takes place annually in Killorgan, Co. Kerry.

3rd Prize - Pictorial Quilts Category
Melinda's Zinnia's by Robyn Fahy
Created using raw edge applique and then thread play using a variety of threads.

Branching Out National Exhibition 2011

Memories of Glacier by Maria BoltonBranching Out Catalogue Cover"First Growth" by Genesis groupPoppies and Daisies by Moira ByrneDSC03446DSC03447
Blue Tree by Evelyn MontagueDuilleoga by Hilary O'KelllyDSC03451Save the Coral Reefs by Irene McWilliamsGillian SheehanVolcanic Eruption by Slyvia Stuart
Branching Out Western Style by Ann Marie HoranFabtric postcardsBranching out invitation leaflets"Branching Out " Invititation LeafletFabric postcardspostcard by Meg Kenny
Fabric postcardspostcard by Meg KennyMeg Kenny with her quilt "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Interior, Exterior Spaces""Parachutes" by Ann Fleeton"A Walk in the Garden" by Marie McGovernmiriam giving her Branching Out speech

More photographs added to our "Branching Out" Exhibition flickr page.
Don't forget photographs of all our national exhibitions and "Hands Across the Border" exhibitions are posted on the IPS flickr album

Irish Patchwork Stand at the Festival of Quilts

 The Irish Patchwork Society had a stand to celebrate our 30th anniversary at last weeks Festival of Quilts. Here are a few photographs from the stand.