31 October 2011

New Contemporary Quilting Group

Contemporary Quilting Group:

Contemporary Quilters of Ireland is a new branch of the Irish Patchwork Society for people interested in the contemporary side of quilting.

It is for those interested in stretching themselves and moving forward in making art through the medium of the quilt and also for those who want to be involved and offer support to the group.
The group is still in the early day of being set-up, so we're looking for interested members. If you're interested in joining the group, please click on the link to join the yahoo group (See below or click on the link to the right of the page). Alternatively, you can email Claire Lynch for further details (email address is listed in the Newsletter).
Once we get a few more members, we're going to call a meeting and set up a committee, start organising challenges etc.

  Click to join cqireland
  Click to join cqireland

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