14 September 2012

Crafts Council of Ireland Strategic Planning Consultation Process Survey

The Board of Directors of the Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) would welcome your input into the formulation of our next Strategic Plan for the period 2013-2015. 

To enable us to gather input in a structured way, member organisations and clients are invited to complete a short online survey – see further details below. Input and feedback from our member organisations is important to us so I would ask you to encourage all of your members to take this opportunity to have their say in the future strategic direction of CCoI. Please forward this email to your members, encouraging them to take a couple of minutes to complete the online survey by Monday 17th September 2012. 

In completing the online survey, we would ask our member organisations and clients to focus on activities that would strategically benefit the Irish craft sector as a whole.  Please click here to read a summary on progress made to date against our current Strategic Plan (2010 - 2012) which I hope you will find useful in reflecting on CCoI’s current programmes and activities and in considering suggestions for the future.

To access the short online survey, please visit


The timeline for completing the planned consultation process for our Strategic Plan 2013-2015 is to receive all input from our member organisations and clients by Monday, 17th September 2012. We will then develop the contents of the Plan in light of the input from all stakeholders during October in time for publication in November and subsequently roll out the Plan from January onwards. 

Should you have any queries relating to the consultation process for the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan please do not hesitate to contact us at survey@ccoi.ie.

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