14 October 2012

National Exhibition 2012

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The winners of ribbons for excellence at the National Exhibition are as follows:

  • Contemporary Category: Irene MacWilliam - Japanese Earthquake
  • Traditional and hand-quilting: Elizabeth Brennan - Interlocking Cubes
  • Quilted by long-arm: A History of Irish Buildings - quilt made by Irene McCarthy, quilted by Romi Buhles
  • First Time Exhibitor: Joyce McCabe - Block by Block
  • Judges Choice: Sheila Cleary - 
  • The judges did not award a ribbon for machine quilting.
  •  Monica Norman Trophy for most innovative quilt: Naomh Muire Quilters, Still Standing.
  • The viewers choice went to the quilt Janes House, made by Miriam Gogarty and the Pineneedles group.

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