23 November 2011

Crafts Council of Ireland Poll on proposed name change

 poll now closed.
Dear All,
There is a poll from the Crafts Council of Ireland to be completed by the 25th November 2011 about a proposed name change. The proposed name change was discussed at executive level in the CCoI and it was agreed that Design should not be introduced into the name. There are a number of reasons for this.
Is it to be called The Design and Craft Council of Ireland or The Craft and Design Council of Ireland. Many felt that if the name had to be changed that Design should not come first.
If Design is introduced then it will not be the Craft Council any longer, graphic design, engineering etc will have to be admitted and this increased the membership and dilutes the monies available to the guilds, networks and societies.
The Crafts Council of Ireland (CCOI) is a very well recognised logo and organisation and appears to be fit for purpose at the moment-does it need to be changed? in particular after a very successful Year of Craft.
Do we need to spend the money that will be involved in in changing?
These are just some of the arguments and there are many more.
Below is the email from the CEO
Please share your thoughts by doing the poll.
Mary Hunter (CCoI Rep).

Dear GANS representative,

Further to the GANS meeting which took place in Kilkenny on 16th September 2011, an online poll has been created as part of the consultation process around the proposal to amend the name of the Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) to include the word 'Design'.

This online poll provides your members with an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback on this proposal, and this feedback is very important to us.  We would therefore ask you to encourage all of your members to take a few minutes to participate in the online poll.  CCoI will also be inviting our registered clients to participate in the poll.

Please click on this link: 
http://bit.ly/ccoiganspna which directs to:
• a letter from the Board of Directors of the Crafts Council of Ireland inviting your members to participate in this poll
• an outline regarding the background and rationale for the proposal
• the online poll

As mentioned in the letter, any GANS member who has a query or would like to obtain additional information on the proposed name amendment can email survey@ccoi.ieWe would ask all GANS members to complete the poll by Friday 25th November 2011 in order to ensure all feedback can be incorporated as part of our consultation process.

What you need to do:• Please forward this link 
http://bit.ly/ccoiganspna to all of your individual members by email which contains the letter from the Board of the Crafts Council of Ireland and includes the background document and the link to the online poll
• Please encourage your members to complete the online poll, highlighting the closing date of Friday 25th November 2011
• Please forward any queries you receive from individual members or let us know if there are any recurring questions or concerns around the proposal

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for participating in this consultation process.

Kind regards,
Karen Hennessy.

Chief Executive
Crafts Council of Ireland
Executive Assistant: 056 7796148

01 November 2011

Further Details on Elizabeth McCartney's Embroidered boxes workshop at An Grianan

Elizabeth McCartney - Embroidered Boxes Workshop

Elizabeth McCartney will be giving one of the workshops at the forthcoming An Grianan weekend. Here's some more details about what's involved in her workshop.

Details of the workshop:
During this workshop you will construct a box similar to the one shown in the magazine, using acrylic felt, pelmet vilene and fabric as a base onto which you will applique, free machine and hand embroider, couch, and embellish to your heart's content using any method you desire.  This is an opportunity to use your lovely fabric scraps, threads, buttons, beads, wire, stamps, paint etc.  The faint hearted may use Elizabeth's box pattern if they choose. 

Here's some other examples of Elizabeth's work: