11 December 2014

RDS National Craft Awards - changes for 2015

The RDS National Craft Awards rewards and showcases excellence in Irish Craft. Last year a major independent evaluation of these awards was undertaken by consultant Marie Brennan and as a result there will be a number of changes implemented in 2015.

The RDS National Craft Awards has two components; a competition and an exhibition. 

Open to a wide variety of craft disciplines, the competition provides an open platform for Irish craftspeople to have their work assessed by a professional judging panel of Irish and international craft experts. The prize-winning and a number of high quality entries are chosen for exhibition at the RDS during the Dublin Horse Show. The opening night of the exhibition sees annual prizes awarded to the most outstanding works of that year. The prize-winners are also displayed at the National Craft and Design Fair in December. 

The independent evaluation reviewed the entire awards process and its recommendations will be implemented in 2015. 

The RDS National Craft Awards will now be a two stream competition where the work of emerging and established makers will be judged separately. To be eligible to enter the Emerging Maker Awards entrants must be able to show that they are either:
  • Students studying craft in third level institutions
  • Have within the last five years set up a craft business.
  • Those who are new to a craft discipline within the last five years, either studying via an apprenticeship or life-long learners on an informal course.

All other entrants whether professional or amateur must enter the Established Maker strand of the Awards. An Award of Excellence of €5000 will be awarded in both the Emerging and Established Maker strands.
The evaluation also recommended that categories be reduced from twenty to thirteen, which are as follows:
1.      Constructed Textiles (woven, knitted, crocheted, felted textiles and lace)
2.      Embellished Textiles (embroidery, patchwork, quilting, batik, printed textiles)
3.      Basketry
4.      Jewellery & Silversmithing
5.      Metalwork
6.      Furniture
7.      Carving
8.      Leatherwork
9.      Musical Instruments
10.  Ceramics
11.  Glass
12.  Paper and Calligraphy
13.  Woodturning

Other changes include:
·         An extension for online entries into June
·         A restriction to one entry per person
·         A removal of the first round of judging to create a fully open competition where all entries will be examined by the judging panel.
Changes in RDS structures (we now have a Communications Manager and Director) mean that there is now greater ability to help with promoting RDS Foundation activities; meaning a stronger emphasis on media coverage in the future for both the competition and exhibition.
We believe that these changes will help to create a fairer, clearer, open and more streamlined competition and exhibition with a higher profile and a clear set of objectives in line with the RDS Arts goal which is: to provide a platform that supports the transition from student to emerging artist; encouraging the pursuit of a career in visual art, craft or music.
The call for online entries for the 2015 RDS National Craft Awards will be launched in March 2015. Please keep an eye on our website www.rds.ie/craft and social media pages for more information and to access the online application form from mid-March.

02 December 2014

Quilters Guild Museum Closure 2015

  The Quilters Guild of the British Isles today announced that their Quilt Museum and Gallery in York is to close at the end of October 2015.

24 November 2014

Octagon Quilters Mayo People of the Year Award Winners

On Saturday night 15th November 2014,  over 350 people attended a banquet at Breaffey House Hotel for the Rehab, Connaught Telegraph and Mayo County Council "Mayo People of the Year Awards".

The Octagon Quilters (Westport) were one of the eleven winners of the award, for their contribution to charities, and the promoting of the art of Patchwork and Quilting over the past 23 years. Their project for 2014 is making Fidget Quilt's for Alzheimer's patients.

Founder member Madeleine Jordan received the Award on behalf of the Octagon Quilter's from Edel Cadden Chairperson of Rehab.

Madeleine and Gemma Henessy were also interviewed by Irish TV and Midwest radio.

Eight members of the Octagon Quilter's attended the award ceremony on the night: Chairperson Gemma Henessy, Vice Chairperson Marie Freeman, Assistant Secretary Brid Sammon, members Mary Brady, Mary Madden, Evelyn Brady, Maura Cusack and Founder Member Madeleine Jordan. 

Madeline was also presented with a cake on the night for her 89th Birthday, and everyone sang her Happy Birthday .A wonderful night was had by all.

Mary Madden (Western Branch)

20 November 2014

New Beginnings Art Exhibition

Western Branch members Ester Kiely and Colette O'Donnell are amongst a group of artists who will holding an art exhibition at Cruthu Studios, Claregalway, Co. Galway. 

The exhibition runs from Sunday 23rd November to Saturday 6th December. 

18 November 2014

Athlone Schoolhouse Quilters Exhibition

The Athlone Schoolhouse Quilters are holding a quilt exhibition to mark their 20th Anniversary. 
The exhibition opening will be on Friday 21st Nov. at 7.30pm. Venue: St. Mary's National School, Fair Green, Athlone. 

Venue also open Saturday 22nd Nov. 11-5pm.  Sunday 23rd Nov. 11-4pm. 

All welcome - admission free.

20 October 2014

EQA Challenge 2015

Distance: A Fabric Exchange Exhibition

(Due to the large amount of interest shown in this project, a waiting list is now in operation)
A fabric exchange exhibition to take place at the 2015 Festival of Quilts.

This is a collaborative exhibition between three European Guilds, Austria, Latvia and Ireland (the Irish Patchwork Society).

If you would like to be part of this exhibition, please contact the International Rep Loretta O'Brien. 

Information about the challenge:

  • 20 persons from each guild will take part.
  • Each participant to make one quilt in Portrait orientation (30cms wide by 50cms long).
  • Each participant to put together a fabric park of 1 fat quarter and 2 fat eighths for exchange with other guild, this pack has to be with the International Rep (EQA Rep.) no later than the 24th November 2014.
  • Each participant will receive one fabric pack no later than their January branch meeting.
  • Each participant to use the fabric in the pack and can add up to three additional fabrics.
  • Each participant has total freedom to use any techniques to interpret the theme.
  • Each participant to keep a 3cm square of each fabric used in the quilt (this will be used in conjunction with their "Artist Statement" for the exhibition (what your thoughts of Distance are and why you partook in the event).
  • The quilt to be with the Rep. by 29th May 2015.
  • Each quilt to be of three layers and the binding can be shown if the maker likes.
  • Each quilt to have a sleeve fully across and to be 2cms from the top of the quilt and 2cms in from each edge.
  • The sleeve should not be visible on the right side.
  • A name address and contact number label on the back lower left as you look at the quilt.

A downloadable version of this form is available if you look under the "Retreat Weekends, Competition and Exhibition Entry Forms" Heading on the right-hand side of the blog page.

19 October 2014

IPS National AGM

The IPS AGM took place on Saturday 18th October at Moran's Red Cow Hotel. There was a great turnout on the day, and the AGM proved to be a very lively affair with a number of motions (more than 0) to be discussed.

Shops on the day were Floppy Fabrics and Fabric Matters.
Floppy Fabrics

Fabric Matters Shop

The AGM Challenge this year was to make a "Do Not Touch" sign that the IPS can use in future exhibitions.

A selection of the AGM Challenge pieces

Here's the winning AGM Challenge piece.

Some of the other entries.

The South Midlands Branch had a display of items.

02 October 2014

IPS National AGM


The IPS National Annual General Meeting 2014 will be taking place on Saturday 18th October at 11am

Venue: Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin 22.

Booking forms are to be returned with PAYMENT IN FULL on or before 14th September 2014. 
Saturday 18th October: Tea/coffee on arrival, AGM and lunch.
Afternoon talk by international quilter Ann Fleeton entitled "Colour, Texture and Storytelling in Quilt-making". 

Full day inclusive €25
Entry to talk only: €10 IPS members/€15 non-IPS members
Sunday 19th October Workshop: €70

Workshop: Traditional Techniques with Sheer Fabrics by Ann Fleeton. Booking for workshop is on a first come first served basis with 20 places available. 

30 September 2014

Where do you come from? Worldwide Quilt Project

Where do you come from? A worldwide quilt project.

Where do you come from?
Finally, the time has come to start a our new worldwide quilt project....

Where do you come from?

Stories within blocks. -  Blocks and their stories.

The Idea

Every era and every region has its own traditions, symbols and patterns.
Where are your regional and cultural roots?
Which motifs represent your personal background or interests?
Think about the wealth of medieval masonry, tribal tattoos, tile patterns, architectural structures, calligraphy, and shapes of flowers, leaves or indigenous animals. All of them offer an endless variety of potential new patchwork patterns...
Where do you come from?
We would like to collect and preserve the treasure of unique patchwork and quilt patterns from around the globe. All interested quilters worldwide are invited to (re-)discover motifs symbolizing your personal bond with a geographic region, its traditions and cultures and to transform one of these motifs into a very special patchwork block.

The Goal

The patterns along with your background stories will be published in our “Patterns around the World” Handbook (working title). We reserve the right to refuse the publication of individual block patterns for any reason, esp. copyright risks. Proceeds from the book sale will go to UNICEF, an international humanitarian organization which works towards the goal of giving children around the world the chance for a better future.
Additionally, we will use your sewn blocks to assemble a huge community quilt and let it travel to quilt shows around the world for a good cause. Perhaps, we can even submit this unique quilt to an international quilt competition...

The Project

We are looking for
  • local, regional or national motifs (e.g. flags, family crests, city arms, details from city maps)
  • tribal patterns (e.g. tattoos, wood carvings)
  • folkloristic ornaments (e.g. from traditional costumes)
  • architectural structures (e.g. details from old or modern building structures, bridges, fences, floors, windows)
  • cultural, spiritual and natural ornaments (e.g. leaves, flowers, indigenous animals)
  • any abstract ancient and contemporary symbols
  • etc.
inspired by the region you come from, you like to travel to or currently live in - newly interpreted and (re-)designed as a patchwork block.
Where do you come from?
Please note: We are looking for unique and original patterns which have a personal meaning to you, are related to your regional background, cultural heritage or your individual interests.

For examples and inspirations go to "Where do you come from?" - Inspirations.

The Rules

Sew ONE block with your individual block pattern inspired by the region you come from, like to travel to or currently live in. You can use both historical and/or contemporary sources of inspiration. The design must be original and free from any copyright issues. The blocks must be made from textile material and remain unquilted. Embellishments are optional and should be restricted to a thickness of ¼” (ca. 0.75 cm). Assembly and quilting must be possible. Any textile technique is allowed as long as there is some manipulation of the material realized with needle and thread.
There are no restrictions as to colours and patterns of the used textiles.
You have the choice to contribute either a square or a rectangular block (portrait or landscape format) with side lengths of 6” (15 cm), 9” (22.5 cm) or 12” (30 cm) plus an additional seam allowance of 1/4" (0.75 cm) on each side.
Examples: 6” x 6” (15 x 15 cm), 6” x 9” (15 x 22.5 cm), 6“ x 12“ (15 x 30 cm), 9” x 9” (22.5 x 22.5 cm), 9” x 12” (22.5 x 30 cm), 12” x 12” (31 x 30 cm)….  These would all be finished sizes!
Submit your block along with a description of your design’s background.
Every participant understands that you GIVE the block to us. Since this a non-profit project, any monetary remuneration for your block is impossible.

The Deadline

Your finished block along with a brief description of the story behind your block pattern should arrive no later than

February 28, 2015

26 September 2014

South Midlands Branch - New Venue

Attention: The South Midlands Branch have changed the venue for their monthly meetings! 

Due to the accessibility problems at their old venue, they have moved. 
From their next meeting on Thursday October 2nd, they will be in The Orchard House, New Orchard Road, Kilkenny. J9 off the ring road. 

Meeting is 7-10pm.

Bring your machine because the South Midlands Branch now sew at their meetings.

28 August 2014

The IPS National Annual General Meeting 2014 
Saturday 18th October at 11am
Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin 22.

Booking forms are to be returned with PAYMENT IN FULL on or before 14th September 2014. 
Saturday 18th October: Tea/coffee on arrival, AGM and lunch.
Afternoon talk by international quilter Ann Fleeton entitled "Colour, Texture and Storytelling in Quilt-making". 

Full day inclusive €25
Entry to talk only: €10 IPS members/€15 non-IPS members
Sunday 19th October Workshop: €70

Workshop: Traditional Techniques with Sheer Fabrics by Ann Fleeton. Booking for workshop is on a first come first served basis with 20 places available.

23 April 2014

Contemporary Group of the IPS now on facebook

A group facebook page has now been set up for the Contemporary Group of the IPS. 

If any IPS members would like to join the group, then email CQIreland@groups.facebook.com to be sent an invite.

15 April 2014

National Exhibition 2014

The National Exhibition "Explorations" will take at the Cork County Library Headquarters for the 1st three weeks of August 2014, as part of Cork Craft month.

The library is located on the Carrigrohane Road, Cork City. 
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 9:00am - 5:30pm.
Closed on Mondays of bank holiday weekends.

The National Exhibition will be launching in Dublin in July at a yet to be confirmed venue.

14 April 2014

River of Dreams Exhibition

The Limerick Quilt Centre are delighted to announce that their 9th Annual River of Dreams Quilt Exhibition will be held in the Franciscan Church, Limerick on the 9th June 2014.

All quilt entries are welcome.

If you are interested in entering your quilt in the exhibition please note that the following requirements apply:

* €10.00 entry fee
* Completed entry form
* 4" hanging sleeve must be attached to each quilt
* Identifying label on each quilt

The closing date for all quilt entries is 20th May 2014 as they produce a catalogue of all entered quilts. Quilts are to be sent to Limerick Quilt Centre, Park Road, Limerick.

Contact the Limerick Quilt Centre for an entry form.

11 April 2014

Dublin Art Competition XL

  Dear All,
Below is information on an exhibition that members should consider submitting a piece of work for consideration. The suggestion has come from Business2Arts who have been working with us on a strategy for the IPS. Sorry the notice is short. If any of you do submit can you let Mary Hunter know. This is a great opportunity for our craft. Good Luck

Help to write your artist statement is available on the Craft Council Website Enterprise Sections www.ccoi.ie/enterprise.

Mary Hunter (CCoI Rep)

08 April 2014

Joke Buursma Upcoming Exhibitions

IPS member, Joke Buursma, is holding two solo exhibitions in the coming few months. The details are as follows:

The first solo art quilt exhibition will be at the Old Market House Art Centre, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

The title of this exhibition is: A Sense of Place.
The opening will be on Saturday 3rd May at 2.30 pm, and the exhibition will run until Saturday 31 May.
Address: Lr Main Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Phone: 058 48944 ; website : Waterford Arts Centre

The second solo exhibition will be at The Blue Egg Gallery in Wexford. There is no title yet for this one.
The opening will be on Saturday 19th July at 3 pm, and the exhibition will run until Saturday 23rd August.
This second exhibition will be partly different from the one in Dungarvan.
Address: 22A John's Street, Wexford
Phone: 053 0145862 ; Blue Egg Gallery Facebook Page

31 March 2014

Interlace Exhibition


The concept of the show developed and curated by the National Craft Gallery is to explore how traditional material culture creates a resonant source for contemporary practice.

National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny: 28th March – 7th May, 2014
Opening Event: Friday 28th March, 2014

 "More than a luxury, lace was once central to Irish life, and even to survival. These makers look at lace’s almost magical properties."– Gemma Tipton, Interlace Exhibition Catalogue

Interlace takes the history of lace as a starting point and creates a unique exhibition of work by 8 very different women, focusing on their contemporary interpretations of lace.

The concept of the show developed and curated by the National Craft Gallery is to explore how traditional material culture creates a resonant source for contemporary practice. This is one of a series of exhibitions to take traditional or vernacular practice as a starting point.

Each of the 8 participating artists tells her own individual story through her work and this exhibition offers an insight into how they have been influenced and inspired by our lace heritage to make everything from ravens to a wedding dress, from glass etchings to a celebration of the lace industry in Youghal, Co. Cork.

The 8 women involved in the exhibition are Caroline Schofield, Cathryn Hogg, Helen McAllister, Natalie B Coleman, Patty Murphy, Roisin De Buitlear, Anita Elliot and Saidhbhain Gibson.

Contemporary Lace - Traditional Techniques & Innovation Fri 25th
April, 10.30am

€20full day / €10 half day
As part of the Interlace education programme National Craft Gallery are delighted to offer a masterclass in contemporary lace and design, aimed at textile artists and lace makers. This Contemporary Lace Masterclass is an exploration of innovation and tradition in lace within the broader context of textiles. The morning session will focus on design thinking, innovation and combined materials with textile and fashion designer Natalie B Coleman. The practical afternoon workshop will focus on traditional lacemaking techniques with a focus on needlepoint, led by Nora Finnegan of the Kenmare Lace and Design Centre. This masterclass is suitable for makers who work with textiles and wish to expand their skill base and explore design thinking from another perspective. Places limited, booking essential.

10.30am - 1.00pm - Design, Innovation & Combining Materials with Natalie Coleman
Natalie Coleman is a fashion designer originally from County Monaghan. She studied fashion at Limerick School of Art & Design and on the MA course at Central St. Martins, London. With a background in strong narratives and quirky romance Natalie creates beautiful, feminine, contemporary, flirtatious looks with special attention to finish, fabric and detail. Coleman’s work features in our current exhibition

2.00pm - 5.00pm - Needle Point Techniques with Nora Finnegan
Nora Finnegan is a lace-maker based in Kenmare, Co. Kerry and the owner and manager of Kenmare Lace and Design Centre. Nora is the co author of recently published The Lace Story, Kenmare and  other Irish Laces. Nora will lead an afternoon session of traditional lace making techniques.
Book: events@nationalcraftgallery.ie / 056 7796151

Late Date: Artist talks with Natalie Coleman & Saidhbhín Gibson
25th April, 6.30pm
Fashion designer Natalie Coleman and artist maker Saidhbhín Gibson will speak about their work and in particular the pieces they contributed to the current exhibition Interlace. Designer Natalie and artist Saidhbhín represent very different approaches to using contemporary lace. Join us from 6.30pm in the gallery for a glass of wine and an informal chat about craft and contemporary lace.

05 March 2014

Coptic Textiles Exhibition

 Coptic Textiles

24 January - 19 March 2014

Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin 2.

Found in the dry desert areas of Egypt, substantial numbers of Coptic textiles have survived. Most of them are fragments of the woven and embroidered garments in which the Copts buried their dead.

Coptic textiles were made between the 5th and 11th centuries AD. Early examples incorporate Egyptian and classical motifs; later pieces show the influence of Byzantium and, later still, of Islamic art. Woven in wool and linen, they are admired for their bold pictorial designs and saturated colours.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery is located in Trinity College Dublin 2.

Click here for a map to the gallery

Opening hours
Monday - Friday, 11am - 6pm
Thursday, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, 11am - 4:45pm

03 March 2014

"I am a Quilter" Exhibition

The IPS Southern Branch are holding an exhibition of work from 6th March 2014 to the 27th March 2014 at the Bishopstown Library in Cork.

The Library is located in the grounds of the Wilton Shopping Centre Cork and parking is easily available.

Members are invited to the Opening on Thursday 6th March 2014 at 6.30pm  

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5.30pm. Late opening: Thursdays till 8pm.

28 February 2014

IPS Newsletter Issue 125

The Winter 2013 (Issue 125) IPS newsletter has been posted out to members this week.

11 February 2014

Train the Trainer Course

A Train the trainer course is going to be run by the IPS and the Craft Council. The IPS is looking for expressions of interesting in obtaining a place on a Train the Trainer course that will provide a FETAC Level 6 accredited qualification. This is a key opportunity to join a training programme that teaches the fundamentals of successful training, building upon participant's confidence, skills and ability to deliver effective training sessions. 

There are a limited number of spaces so the IPS would like each branch to encourage at least two people to come forward. 
There is a form to fill out also and please don't be put off by this, we do not need complex answers and the question of experience, if you organise your local sewing group or classes with your children, help out with school or your branch that is all experience.

The IPS would like as many people as possible to express and interest and they can then judge if they need to run some more of these courses.

The forms and information will also be going into the newsletter for all members and this will be in the post shortly.

The closing date for the form is February 26th and the start date for the course is March 13th.
Course will run on March 13, 20, 26 and 27. 
Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin  
 At the end of this programme you will be able to
1 Outline the concepts and theories underlying the delivery and evaluation of training interventions 
2 Explore the elements which impact on the effectiveness of a training session to include, the learning environment, the trainer, learning methodologies and the group dynamics of participants 
3 Demonstrate an awareness of a range of issues to include equality,diversity and disability in the context of current legislation with regard to training provision
4 Appraise a range of evaluation models, approaches, tools and techniques used in the evaluation and monitoring of a training and development intervention 
5 Deliver appropriate training content and materials using a range of training aids 
6 Formulate appropriate evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled 
7 Provide constructive feedback to participants in relation to training intervention 
8 Apply a comprehensive range of specialised training delivery and evaluation skills in the delivery of an appropriate training intervention
 9 Devise a training evaluation process to include the identification of key stakeholders, feedback from the trainee, challenges within the process and the conduct or methodology of the evaluation 
10 Select from a range of evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled 
11 Report on a training and development evaluation to include the identification of areas of success and of improvement opportunities.

06 February 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014 Entry Forms

The PDF entry form for the Festival of Quilts Competition 2014 is now available to download from the Festival of Quilts website.

31 January 2014

20th European Patchwork Meeting 2014

The European Patchwork Meeting 2014 is celebrating it's 20th anniversary!

1) under “contests”  - Theme of the 2014 European Patchwork Meeting international contest: “Imagine…” the roots of IMAGINE relate to image an imagination -  please go to the EPM website
to download the contest rules www.patchwork-europe.com and click on “contest”. Deadline for registration June 26th 2014.

2) under show/exhibitions:
20th European Patchwork Meeting
Val d’Argent (Alsace) France
18 – 21 September 2014
Opening hours: Thursday through Saturday 9.30am – 6.30pm, Sunday 9.30am – 6pm.
For further information please visit the following website: www.patchwork-europe.com

For further information on the show, click here for a press release

28 January 2014

RDS National Craft Competition 2014

RDS National Crafts Competition 2014

The RDS is delighted to announce the key dates for the 2014 RDS National Craft Awards and Exhibition.  The Competition is open to any craft worker resident in Ireland or Irish craft workers based abroad and has a prize fund in excess of €26,000. An online application process will be available from early March 2014.

The outline of the main competition dates for 2014 is as follows:

        Launch of online application form:                                                                       3 March
        Deadline for online applications:                                                             12 May
        Delivery of selected works to Simmonscourt for final judging                19 & 20 June
        Collection dates for unsuccessful final round entries                                          7, 8, 9 July
        Exhibition of winners and selected works at Dublin Horse Show:                    6 - 10 August
        Exhibition to travel to the Hunt Museum, Limerick:                 Early Sept to Mid Oct (TBC)

Please take note of the following information relating to submissions:

        All entrants are required to submit their entries online at www.rds.ie/crafts.  The online entry requires a completed online application form, payment online of the entry fee and upload of high resolution digital photo/s submission. Specifications for the digital image/s are detailed on the website. Completed entries must be received online before 5pm on Monday, 12 May, 2014.
        It is vital that the digital photo submissions are of high quality as the judges first round selection will be based on them. Poor image quality may lead to work not being short-listed for the second round of judging. Digital files sent by email will not be accepted.
        It is important that the scale, size of work and a full description of the piece should be given; including materials used, design source and function, as this information will be given to the judges. If the piece is not complete, JPEG images/drawings may be submitted as a ‘work in progress’ to illustrate the design. 
        Online entry confirmation numbers will be sent by email to the email address provided. The entry fee is €15 and €10 for students and apprentices with written evidence of their status. An entry is defined as one piece of work or a matching set. Online application forms will be available at www.rds.ie/crafts from 3 March 2014. 

The RDS National Craft Awards is an RDS Foundation initiative and is supported by the Crafts Council of Ireland.

For further information please contact:
Dara O’Leary, Arts Programme Executive, RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
Tel: 01 240 7255    Email: arts@rds.ie

The exhibition will be open for free to the public before and not after the Horse Show (see the bottom of your post). It will be open for free on July 30, 31 and August 1.