13 May 2013

An Grianan Weekend 2014

Note for your diary: 

The next An Grianan weekend has been booked for March 28th - 30th 2014.

International Quilt Festival of Ireland (IQFOI)

The 2nd International Quilt Festival of Ireland (IQFOI) will be taking place shortly from the 7-9th June at the NUIG Campus, Galway.  
There will be a stand for the IPS and the Western Branch will be (wo)manning it!

I hope you all can come along and enjoy the festival.

Dates: Friday June 7th - Sunday June 9th, 2013

Times: 10 am - 6 pm

Venue: NUI Galway Campus

More Information: www.IQFOI.com

Aisling, who co-ordinates the volunteers has also sent us the following note regarding volunteering at the festival. Please give it your consideration.

"Dear IPS Member,

I am writing to you from the organisational committee of the International
Quilt Festival of Ireland about our volunteer opportunities at this year's
festival taking place from June 7th - 9th 2013 on NUI Galway Campus.

 It is our aim to recruit volunteers for our festival from among the IPS.
Volunteers, especially those with unique insight into quilting, are a
valuable resource to ensure the smooth running and success of this unique
and wonderful festival.

We understand that you are all very busy people and any help you could offer
would be welcome and greatly appreciated. The festival offers a variety of
areas within which you can offer your valuable services.

The area where we would need your assistance the most would be with the

Duties involved in volunteering at the exhibits include showing the quilts
to visitors and monitoring how many people are walking in so it is not too
crowded. I have enclosed a listing of the volunteer role descriptions and a
volunteer application form.

We understand that volunteers are a valuable resource and in return we are
providing regular refreshments and breaks when required, lunch for those who
dedicate a full day, free passes to the festival and accommodation for those
working for more than one day if required.

Once you have filled out the form you can return it to aisling@IQFOI.com or
send it to us at our office. IQFOI, 7 St Francis St, Galway.

  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask for I am happy to help
in any way that I can.

My email is aisling@IQFOI.com and my phone number is 091 450513

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Aisling Walsh

Events Coordinator

International Quilting Festival Ireland