28 February 2014

IPS Newsletter Issue 125

The Winter 2013 (Issue 125) IPS newsletter has been posted out to members this week.

11 February 2014

Train the Trainer Course

A Train the trainer course is going to be run by the IPS and the Craft Council. The IPS is looking for expressions of interesting in obtaining a place on a Train the Trainer course that will provide a FETAC Level 6 accredited qualification. This is a key opportunity to join a training programme that teaches the fundamentals of successful training, building upon participant's confidence, skills and ability to deliver effective training sessions. 

There are a limited number of spaces so the IPS would like each branch to encourage at least two people to come forward. 
There is a form to fill out also and please don't be put off by this, we do not need complex answers and the question of experience, if you organise your local sewing group or classes with your children, help out with school or your branch that is all experience.

The IPS would like as many people as possible to express and interest and they can then judge if they need to run some more of these courses.

The forms and information will also be going into the newsletter for all members and this will be in the post shortly.

The closing date for the form is February 26th and the start date for the course is March 13th.
Course will run on March 13, 20, 26 and 27. 
Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin  
 At the end of this programme you will be able to
1 Outline the concepts and theories underlying the delivery and evaluation of training interventions 
2 Explore the elements which impact on the effectiveness of a training session to include, the learning environment, the trainer, learning methodologies and the group dynamics of participants 
3 Demonstrate an awareness of a range of issues to include equality,diversity and disability in the context of current legislation with regard to training provision
4 Appraise a range of evaluation models, approaches, tools and techniques used in the evaluation and monitoring of a training and development intervention 
5 Deliver appropriate training content and materials using a range of training aids 
6 Formulate appropriate evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled 
7 Provide constructive feedback to participants in relation to training intervention 
8 Apply a comprehensive range of specialised training delivery and evaluation skills in the delivery of an appropriate training intervention
 9 Devise a training evaluation process to include the identification of key stakeholders, feedback from the trainee, challenges within the process and the conduct or methodology of the evaluation 
10 Select from a range of evaluation tools, techniques and approaches for a training session to determine whether or not training needs were met and objectives fulfilled 
11 Report on a training and development evaluation to include the identification of areas of success and of improvement opportunities.

06 February 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014 Entry Forms

The PDF entry form for the Festival of Quilts Competition 2014 is now available to download from the Festival of Quilts website.