07 November 2012

EQA Exhibition at Festival of Quilts 2013






1.                  Size and colour for each EQA country : Equilateral triangle ·       
  Purple – Norway, Spain, United Kingdom -  size 35 cm each side·        
 Red – Austria, Denmark, Switzerland – size 30 cm each side·        

Green -  Latvia, Italy, Ireland – size 35 cm each side·        
 Orange – Hungary, Holland, Finland – size 25 cm each side·        
 Blue – France, Iceland, 
Sweden – Size 30 cm each side·          
Yellow – Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg – size 25 cm each side.          
Edges: No raw edges, no binding to be seen in front                                                                                                                                                  

3.         Backing: Any shade of the colour chosen to your country (which will be green in Ireland's case).          

4. Any technique may be used but the triangle must consist of three layers. No glass fronted or mounted exhibits will be accepted. Be warned that triangles which are delicate or stiff are difficult to transport and display safely.         

5. The entire collection of "Movement" will be launched at the Festival of Quilts in 2013. Some countries may decide to display their quilts and those from neighbouring countries at their annual general meetings. In this case, these quilts will be returned later than September 2013. 

6.    All guild members may enter and there is no entry fee. The triangles are not for sale.

 7.     All triangles must have a 10 cm  hanging sleeve and to be sewn on the bottom edge.

 8.  Name label: With permanent marker pen write name and address on the sleeve

9.   The quilts are insured for a nominal sum during the exhibition including transport to and from the FOQ 2013. (Information on transport & insurance for other exhibitions is available from the guild organising the event). Should a quilt be lost or damaged, the EQA member guild is not responsible for compensating the maker.) 

10.       The "Movement" triangles will be picked up by the EQA Rep. (or a designated person) after the show on Sunday 11th August.

 11.       The entry form and photo should reach the EQA Representative by 30th April 2013 

12.       12 triangles will be selected by each country by 30 June 2013 the selected triangles should be sent to the International Representative. Any quilts which do not comply with the rules, particularly in terms of size, colour or hanging sleeve, can be rejected on submission.  

13.       Photos of the triangles may be used for publicity purposes. 

14.       Every member country of the EQA MUST provide TWELVE triangles for this exhibition. If too many triangles are submitted, 12 must be selected in whatever way the guild decides. If too few quilts are submitted, the EQA rep. MUST organise the making of the missing quilts. 

23 October 2012

Quilt Art at 25 Exhibition

Quilt Art at 25 

Quilt Art at 25

Friday 19th October - Friday 16th November 2012

The exhibition will be held off site at Raggle Taggle Consortium, on the corner of Sarsfield Street and Henry Street, Limerick City. 

Quilt Art at 25 will be open from 11am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.
and continues until 16 November, 2012.

14 October 2012

National Exhibition 2012

Created with flickr slideshow.

The winners of ribbons for excellence at the National Exhibition are as follows:

  • Contemporary Category: Irene MacWilliam - Japanese Earthquake
  • Traditional and hand-quilting: Elizabeth Brennan - Interlocking Cubes
  • Quilted by long-arm: A History of Irish Buildings - quilt made by Irene McCarthy, quilted by Romi Buhles
  • First Time Exhibitor: Joyce McCabe - Block by Block
  • Judges Choice: Sheila Cleary - 
  • The judges did not award a ribbon for machine quilting.
  •  Monica Norman Trophy for most innovative quilt: Naomh Muire Quilters, Still Standing.
  • The viewers choice went to the quilt Janes House, made by Miriam Gogarty and the Pineneedles group.

AGM Weekend 2012

The National AGM of the Irish Patchwork Society took place on Saturday 5th October in the Strand Hotel, Limerick.

Quilts on display at the AGM

Quilts on display at the AGM

Annette Morgan (UK) was the guest speaker after lunch, so attendees got to hear all about Annette's work and inspiration. Keep an eye out at next year's Festival of Quilts, Annette will have her own solo exhibit at this show.

Gillian Sheehan (Mid-West Branch) was the winner of the AGM Challenge.

Sunday's workshop was Textured Dimensions with Annette Morgan. Members got to try out direct dyeing using the microwave - it only take 4 mins to set your fabric! The balcony of the hotel room was filled with dyed material drying in the wind...

Dyed fabric drying in the wind

Mondays workshop was 3D Freestyle Applique
People inspecting their work at the end of the workshop

Mid-West member Gillian Sheehan at the Applique workshop

12 October 2012

Mary Palmer Exhibition

Southern Branch Member Mary Palmer, is having an Textile Exhibition in conjunction with the Cork Textiles Network.

The exhibition runs: Wednesday 10th - Saturday 27th October.

Venue: Bishopstown Library, Cork City, Cork
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5.30pm/ Thursday 10am - 8pm

Further Exhibition Details

14 September 2012

Crafts Council of Ireland Strategic Planning Consultation Process Survey

The Board of Directors of the Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) would welcome your input into the formulation of our next Strategic Plan for the period 2013-2015. 

To enable us to gather input in a structured way, member organisations and clients are invited to complete a short online survey – see further details below. Input and feedback from our member organisations is important to us so I would ask you to encourage all of your members to take this opportunity to have their say in the future strategic direction of CCoI. Please forward this email to your members, encouraging them to take a couple of minutes to complete the online survey by Monday 17th September 2012. 

In completing the online survey, we would ask our member organisations and clients to focus on activities that would strategically benefit the Irish craft sector as a whole.  Please click here to read a summary on progress made to date against our current Strategic Plan (2010 - 2012) which I hope you will find useful in reflecting on CCoI’s current programmes and activities and in considering suggestions for the future.

To access the short online survey, please visit


The timeline for completing the planned consultation process for our Strategic Plan 2013-2015 is to receive all input from our member organisations and clients by Monday, 17th September 2012. We will then develop the contents of the Plan in light of the input from all stakeholders during October in time for publication in November and subsequently roll out the Plan from January onwards. 

Should you have any queries relating to the consultation process for the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan please do not hesitate to contact us at survey@ccoi.ie.

04 September 2012

IPS AGM Weekend - Special offer

For any IPS member travelling to the AGM which is taking place in Limerick on Saturday 6th October, we have organised a special deal with the Limerick Strand Hotel.

€119 euro for 2 nights B & B and 1 dinner per person sharing.

 The cut-off date for booking this accommodation deal with the Strand Hotel, Limerick is Monday 10th September.

The official opening of the National Exhibition "Buildings, Bricks and Blocks" will be taking place on Friday 5th October at 7.30pm.

So if you book in for the weekend you'll get to see the national exhibition, the AGM and talk by Annette Morgan (plus her two 1-day workshops).

Those booked into the hotel, and who're not doing the workshops can use a sewing room in the hotel all day Sunday

Remember, all motions for the AGM must be sent into the Executive Committee 6 weeks before the AGM takes place. 

22 August 2012

National Exhibition Deadline Extension

Don't forget the deadline for the National Exhibition has been extended till the end of August.

The theme this year is "Buildings, Bricks and Blocks". 

The exhibition will be taking place from the 1-12th October in Istrabaq Hall, City Hall, Limerick City Council, Merchant's Quay, Limerick.

Click here for the entry form

21 August 2012

Festival of Quilts - EQA "Crossroads" Irish Entry

Here's the display of Irish quilts that were made for the EQA "Crossroads" Exhibition which was on display at this year's Festival of Quilts show.

From left to right here are the makers of the pieces:

"Crossroads" by Margaret Cunnane
"Crossing the Silk Route" by Anne Moloney
"Dancing at the Crossroads" by Ethelda Ellis
"Red Cow Roundabout" by Lean Ni Chuilleanain
 "Places of intersection" by Sherry Nugent
"Life's Colourful Roads" by Rita Kelly
"Where Next?" by Ester Kiely
"Hekate - Goddess of Crossroads" by Loretta O'Brien
"Scrap Basket Crossings" by Claire Lynch
"Freedom to Travel" by Cecilia O'Doherty

07 August 2012

Opening of European Art Quilts VII at FoQ

Extension of Deadline for the National Exhibition

The deadline for the National Exhibition has now been extended to the end of August. So there's still some time to get a quilt made for this exhibit!!

The theme for this year's exhibition is "Buildings, Bricks and Blocks".

02 August 2012

Quilt Italia Competition Deadline

This is to remind you that there is still to register for the Quilt Italia International Competition , which will be held in Bergamo, Italy  in October 2012.  The deadline for registration is the 30th August. 

Information and the registration form can be obtained at their web-site: Quilt Italy
Further information on the competition can be found at this link

29 July 2012

Extension of Deadline for National Exhibition Entries -

The deadline for this year's National Exhibition is fast approaching. The deadline has now been extended to encourage as many members as possible to enter.

The date for last entry is now the end of August. 

The theme for this year's exhibition is Buildings, Bricks and Blocks.

Details about the exhibition and entry form can be found in the Winter Issue of the IPS newsletter or click on the "Retreat Weekends, Competition and Exhibition entry forms" section on the blog page.

21 June 2012

Enniscorthy Patchwork Exhibition

South-Eastern Branch Patchwork Exhibition (change to previously announced dates!)

In the recent IPS newsletter it was printed that the below exhibition is starting July 30th. It is not!

The exhibition is taking from 1st July - 8th July in St. Aidan’s cathedral in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Thanks to collective efforts, there will be 90+ quilts representing of the SouthEast quilters at this celebration of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, gifted designer of the 19th Century and St. Aidan’s cathedral, the largest church Pugin built in Ireland.

12 June 2012

International Quilt Festival of Ireland 2012

The first ever International Quilt Festival of Ireland (IQFOI) took place in the NUIG Campus Galway from the 8-10th June.

 Here's a small selection of quilts from the exhibition.

Cead Mile Failte Quilt

Cead Mile Failte Quilt Panels

Good enough to eat!
Box of Chocolates made by Lynn Naughton (Western Branch)

Chocolate Quilt entry by Rebecca Palmer (Mid-West Branch)
Giant cupcake from the Chocolate Exhibition (US entry)

Some yarn-bombed trees around the Quilt Exhibition
Yarn-bombed trees

11 June 2012

Last Call for EQA Quilts!

Last call for submitting entries to the EQA "Crossroads" Exhibit. 

The EQA quilts be at this year's Festival of Quilts

 Some ideas about the "Crossroads" theme:
The roads are crossing our lives- people, events or things crossing your life unexpectedly, and make us enjoy life - meeting people in crossroads, some people stay in your life, some not, but all touch your life in some way. Life is not straightforward: you get sometimes lost or take sideways steps.
Crossroads can be a meeting place where people gather to exchange news about one and others lives. A place where we want to make a decision as to what direction we will follow. 

1. Size: 20 x 50cm (7 7/8 x 19 5/8). To be hung horizontally.
2. Edges: free choice of edging treatment (i.e. raw or bound).
3. Any technique may be used but the quilt may consist of three layers. No glass fronted or mounted exhibits will be accepted. Be warned that quilts which are delicate or stiff are difficult to transport safely.
4. The entire collection of "Crossroads" will be launched at the Festival of Quilts in 2012. Some countries may decide to display their quilts from neighbouring countries at their annual general meetings. In this case, these quilts will be returned later than September 2012.
5. All guild members may enter and there is no entry fee. The quilts are not for sale.
6. All quilts must have a 10cm (4 inch) hanging sleeve (with extra fullness to accomodate the rod) sewn 1cm below the top of the quilt and stopping 2cm from each side.
7. The quilts are insured for a nominal sum during the exhibition including transport to and from the FoQ 2012. (Information on transport and insurance for other exhibitions is available from the guild organising the event. Should a quilt be damaged or lost, the EQA member guilds is responsible for compensating the maker).
8. The entry form and photo should reach the International Representative by 31st May 2012.
9. 10 quilts will be selected by each country by 30th June 2012. Any quilts which do not comply with the rules, particularly in terms of size or hanging sleeve, can be rejected on submission.
10. Photos of the quilts may be used for publicity purposes.
11. Every member country of the EQA must provide TEN quilts for this exhibition. If too many quilts are submitted, 10 must be selected in whatever way the guild decides. If too few quilts are submitted, the IR/executive committee of the guild MUST organise the making of the missing quilts.

The EQA entry form and rules are included in the Spring IPS Newsletter.. For further details please contact Loretta O'Brien (EQA Rep.).

08 June 2012

Western Branch of the IPS on Countrywide Radio Programme!

Several members of the Western Branch of the IPS have been interviewed for the Countrywide radio program on RTE radio.  

Be sure to tune in on Saturday morning to hear the interview!  It will air from 8:10-9:00AM on Saturday the 9th of June.

You will hear from Western Branch members Agnes Warren, J
oan Colleran and Mari Moran interviewed by Frances Shanahan at the National University of Ireland, Galway.  Don't miss it!

05 June 2012

5th European Quilt Triennial

9.9.2012 to 6.1.2013

This is the fifth time that the Textile Collection Max Berk will be hosting the European Quilt Triennial competition, exhibiting 43 quilts from 13 countries. An international jury made this selection from 210 entries that were submitted by artists from 22 countries in Europe.
The exhibition of the last two Triennials at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2007 and 2010 has meant that quilters from England formed the second largest group of applicants. A pleasing fact is that one of the selected exhibits was made by a male quilter.
The entries covered a wide range of techniques and subjects. The jury members from Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden spent two arduous days in selecting a snapshot of the contemporary quilt scene in Europe and providing an overview of exciting developments in the tradition of quilting.

The three prizes that were awarded were as follows:
The Doris Winter Memorial Award, sponsored once again by the Betty Barclay Group, for innovation in the area of material, technology and design, and with prize money of € 5000, was given to the German artist Rosa Dames for her work „As a thread falls“. This artist had several exhibits in the past at the German quilt biennials.
Wie en Faden falit (how a twine falls) by Rosa Dames. Photo: Peter Garbe

The prize of € 1000 for innovation in a large format was awarded to Marita Lappalainen from Finland for her quilt „Soundscape“.
3rd Prize. Soundscape by Marita Lappalainen. Photo: Ari Korkala

As expected, the number of applicants below the age of 40 was very low. Nevertheless, the new prize for up-and-coming quilters below the age of 40 went to the worthy winner Sarah Schultz from Switzerland. The 33 year-old was awarded this prize of € 1000 for her quilt “Dressage”.

2nd Prize: Dressur (Dressage) by Sarah Schultz. Photo: Frei
 In contrast to previous triennials at which jury members were invited to exhibit one of their own works, the 5th European Quilt Triennial will also include a small solo exhibition by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs from the Netherlands, who has been a prize winner on two occasions in the past.

Following the exhibition in Heidelberg, the 5th European Quilt Triennial can also be seen in the Kreismuseum Zons (20.1.13 -7.4.2013), in the Textile Museum St. Gallen / Switzerland (mid April to end of June 2013), at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham/UK (mid August 2013) and in the Kulturens Hus Luleå / Sweden (November 2013). Other exhibition venues in the Netherlands and Hungary are under discussion.
Exhibition venue: Textile Collection Max Berk
Brahmsstraße 8 · 69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen Duration: 9.9.2012 – 6.1.2013
Opening times: Wed, Sat, Sun 1 – 6 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for groups
Entrance fee: € 2.50 / € 1.50 reduced
Exhibition catalogue with around 100 colour photos: € 12
Further information and photo material:
Textile Collection Max Berk · Kurpfälzisches Museum Tel.: 06221/800317, Fax: 06221/584699050 e-mail: kmh-textilsammlung-max-berk@heidelberg.de www.heidelberg.de/museum

03 June 2012

River of Dreams Exhibition

After a successful opening night at Limerick City Hall  on Friday 1stJune, the 7th Annual River of Dreams Exhibition will run from 9.30amto 5.30pm daily and will finish at 5.30pm on Sunday 10th June 2012.

Tickets are being sold everyday for a raffle for this quilt:

01 May 2012

Quilt Art at 25 - Change to Exhibition Dates and Venue

Quilt Art at 25 Exhibition

In a change to the previously announced dates and venue, the Quilt Art at 25 Exhibition will now be taking place from:

Thursday 18th October - Friday 16th November 2012

Off Site at Raggle Taggle Gallery, Sarsfield Street, Limerick

22 April 2012

Jane Enticknap "Needle and Thread" Exhibition

“Needle and Thread” is a solo exhibition by Jane Enticknap, a textile artist originally from Waterford. Jane is a full time secondary school art teacher teaching at St. Marks Community school, Tallaght. During her H.Dip year, 1986 she became very interested in Textiles. In 1998 she started a part time City and Guilds course part 1 and part 2 in Creative Embroidery, it took six years to complete. In 2004 the group who completed the course held an exhibition of their work and since then have exhibited biannually under the name of 04’ textile group.

Jane's solo exhibition in the Helix at DCU, Dublin for the month of July 2012. The venue is opened from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Exhibition Details.

27 March 2012

International Quilting Festival of Ireland


For anyone who would like more details on the quilt exhibition schedule please click here

If you would to find out more about being a volunteer at the quilt festival click here

Note: If you can organise the delivery and collection any of the quilts to Galway, there will be no entrance fee for the submitted quilts. The quilts have to be in the IQFoI office by April 15th.

28 February 2012

An Grianan weeked - Susan Briscoe write-up

Uk based quilter Susan Briscoe gave a talk and workshop at the recent An Grianan residential weekend.

She's after writing a very nice article about the weekend on her blog.

Here's a link to the write-up on her blog:   Susan Briscoe

14 February 2012

Irene MacWilliam Exhibition Opening 16th Feb Tower Museum Derry.

Events of the Year Quilts and Testimonies of Survival Exhibition 
at the Tower Museum, Derry, Northern Ireland,
on Thursday 16th February at 12.30 pm.

An exhibition of year quilts by Irene MacWilliam spanning over the last 25 + years.

There will also be a panel of Chilean arpilleras made by women in the late 1970s.

Textile specialist Anne Montgomery will speak at the opening about Irene’s prolific and versatile work.

Guest Curator: Roberta Bacic
Light refreshments will be served.
The exhibition will be open from Thursday 16th February until Saturday 24th March 2012

Email: tower.reception@derrycity.gov.uk
Tel: 028 7137 2411

13 February 2012

AGM Challenge 2012

The Irish Patchwork Society's AGM will be taking place on the 6th October 2011 in the Strand Hotel, Limerick. 

The challenge for this year's AGM is to create a piece inspired by "Limerick Lace"

AGM Challenge: Create a piece inspired by “Limerick Lace”. 

Size Limit: 15” maximum on any side

Some information about Limerick Lace. 

Limerick Lace  
One of the earliest known Irish styles, Limerick Lace was from the outset a commercial venture, brought to the area by Charles Walker who established a training centre and workshop in about 1830. By 1850 it had become popular and prized by wealthy and fashionable ladies all over Europe.
It is extremely light and delicate in style, with designs embroidered in tiny stitches onto a very fine mesh backing cloth. Usually the backing mesh was stretched over frames and the stitching applied to the taut fabric, but some was worked without the use of a frame.
 There are two varieties of Limerick Lace. Tambour Lace which is worked with a hook and Needlerun Lace which is worked with a needle. The Tambour is so named because the net is stretched across a frame which is like a tambourine. Stitches are then worked on to the net in a cotton thread with a fine steel tambour hook. The pattern is drawn on paper and placed in front of the worker or held underneath the net.

The Needlerun Lace is also worked on net where the stitches are darned with a sewing needle. Sometimes there is a combination of tambour and run work on the one piece of lace. One of the collars in the Museum shows both techniques. The run lace always has a lighter appearance. As in Carrickmacross Lace, it usually has caskets in the design which are spaces to be filled with a variety of fancy stitches.
Little Limerick lace is made nowadays, but a lot was made in the years between the establishment of the factory and its demise in the early 20th century and antique pieces are still quite widely available.


25 January 2012

International Quilt Study Centre News

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2012 Quilt of the Month.

The calendars have been turned to 2012, a week has passed, and many New Year's resolutions have already been abandoned. We applaud those who can make a resolution and have the discipline to stick with it. While people may not always associate discipline with art, indeed that is exactly what it takes many times: rising to write at 3 a.m., painting on a cloudy day, or in Michael James' example, not leaving the studio until the piece was done. In his Day Book series we see the rewards of discipline and craft combined with creativity and purpose. Enjoy this month'squilt and share it with your friends.
This is one of the quilts shown in the new exhibition A Tribute to Ardis James.

International Quilt Study Center & Museum
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1523 N. 33rd Street
Lincoln, Nebraska USA 68583

17 January 2012

An Grianan 2012

Hello All,
We are getting close to An Grianan now and bookings are at a viable stage.  We have had to drop four of the teachers as they were not booked, but there are still five great teachers available, and it is sizing up to be a great weekend.  

We were hoping that at branch meetings over the next couple of weeks, members could be reminded of an Grianan at meetings.  So, could you remind chairs of the branches to announce the details again (which are in the last newsletter and also on the website).

The tutors' workshops which still may be booked are: 
Susan Briscoe, 
Jenny Rolfe, 
Joke Buursma, 
Terri McNeill and 
Ann O'Rafferty.  

It is important to send in the application form a.s.a.p. and to indicate 2nd preferences as some of these are almost full (most especially Jenny Rolfe).  Please as well remind people that they can come and do their own thing for €200 for bed and meals.

The shop will be the Limerick Quilt Centre (Maeve Meaney).

15 January 2012

An Grianan Weekend 17-19th February 2012

Don't forgot the bi-annual An Grianan residential weekend is taking place on the 17-19th February 2012.

Full details of the workshops and application form were in the Autumn Newsletter. Details of the workshops are also on the blog.