30 September 2014

Where do you come from? Worldwide Quilt Project

Where do you come from? A worldwide quilt project.

Where do you come from?
Finally, the time has come to start a our new worldwide quilt project....

Where do you come from?

Stories within blocks. -  Blocks and their stories.

The Idea

Every era and every region has its own traditions, symbols and patterns.
Where are your regional and cultural roots?
Which motifs represent your personal background or interests?
Think about the wealth of medieval masonry, tribal tattoos, tile patterns, architectural structures, calligraphy, and shapes of flowers, leaves or indigenous animals. All of them offer an endless variety of potential new patchwork patterns...
Where do you come from?
We would like to collect and preserve the treasure of unique patchwork and quilt patterns from around the globe. All interested quilters worldwide are invited to (re-)discover motifs symbolizing your personal bond with a geographic region, its traditions and cultures and to transform one of these motifs into a very special patchwork block.

The Goal

The patterns along with your background stories will be published in our “Patterns around the World” Handbook (working title). We reserve the right to refuse the publication of individual block patterns for any reason, esp. copyright risks. Proceeds from the book sale will go to UNICEF, an international humanitarian organization which works towards the goal of giving children around the world the chance for a better future.
Additionally, we will use your sewn blocks to assemble a huge community quilt and let it travel to quilt shows around the world for a good cause. Perhaps, we can even submit this unique quilt to an international quilt competition...

The Project

We are looking for
  • local, regional or national motifs (e.g. flags, family crests, city arms, details from city maps)
  • tribal patterns (e.g. tattoos, wood carvings)
  • folkloristic ornaments (e.g. from traditional costumes)
  • architectural structures (e.g. details from old or modern building structures, bridges, fences, floors, windows)
  • cultural, spiritual and natural ornaments (e.g. leaves, flowers, indigenous animals)
  • any abstract ancient and contemporary symbols
  • etc.
inspired by the region you come from, you like to travel to or currently live in - newly interpreted and (re-)designed as a patchwork block.
Where do you come from?
Please note: We are looking for unique and original patterns which have a personal meaning to you, are related to your regional background, cultural heritage or your individual interests.

For examples and inspirations go to "Where do you come from?" - Inspirations.

The Rules

Sew ONE block with your individual block pattern inspired by the region you come from, like to travel to or currently live in. You can use both historical and/or contemporary sources of inspiration. The design must be original and free from any copyright issues. The blocks must be made from textile material and remain unquilted. Embellishments are optional and should be restricted to a thickness of ¼” (ca. 0.75 cm). Assembly and quilting must be possible. Any textile technique is allowed as long as there is some manipulation of the material realized with needle and thread.
There are no restrictions as to colours and patterns of the used textiles.
You have the choice to contribute either a square or a rectangular block (portrait or landscape format) with side lengths of 6” (15 cm), 9” (22.5 cm) or 12” (30 cm) plus an additional seam allowance of 1/4" (0.75 cm) on each side.
Examples: 6” x 6” (15 x 15 cm), 6” x 9” (15 x 22.5 cm), 6“ x 12“ (15 x 30 cm), 9” x 9” (22.5 x 22.5 cm), 9” x 12” (22.5 x 30 cm), 12” x 12” (31 x 30 cm)….  These would all be finished sizes!
Submit your block along with a description of your design’s background.
Every participant understands that you GIVE the block to us. Since this a non-profit project, any monetary remuneration for your block is impossible.

The Deadline

Your finished block along with a brief description of the story behind your block pattern should arrive no later than

February 28, 2015

26 September 2014

South Midlands Branch - New Venue

Attention: The South Midlands Branch have changed the venue for their monthly meetings! 

Due to the accessibility problems at their old venue, they have moved. 
From their next meeting on Thursday October 2nd, they will be in The Orchard House, New Orchard Road, Kilkenny. J9 off the ring road. 

Meeting is 7-10pm.

Bring your machine because the South Midlands Branch now sew at their meetings.