05 June 2012

5th European Quilt Triennial

9.9.2012 to 6.1.2013

This is the fifth time that the Textile Collection Max Berk will be hosting the European Quilt Triennial competition, exhibiting 43 quilts from 13 countries. An international jury made this selection from 210 entries that were submitted by artists from 22 countries in Europe.
The exhibition of the last two Triennials at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2007 and 2010 has meant that quilters from England formed the second largest group of applicants. A pleasing fact is that one of the selected exhibits was made by a male quilter.
The entries covered a wide range of techniques and subjects. The jury members from Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden spent two arduous days in selecting a snapshot of the contemporary quilt scene in Europe and providing an overview of exciting developments in the tradition of quilting.

The three prizes that were awarded were as follows:
The Doris Winter Memorial Award, sponsored once again by the Betty Barclay Group, for innovation in the area of material, technology and design, and with prize money of € 5000, was given to the German artist Rosa Dames for her work „As a thread falls“. This artist had several exhibits in the past at the German quilt biennials.
Wie en Faden falit (how a twine falls) by Rosa Dames. Photo: Peter Garbe

The prize of € 1000 for innovation in a large format was awarded to Marita Lappalainen from Finland for her quilt „Soundscape“.
3rd Prize. Soundscape by Marita Lappalainen. Photo: Ari Korkala

As expected, the number of applicants below the age of 40 was very low. Nevertheless, the new prize for up-and-coming quilters below the age of 40 went to the worthy winner Sarah Schultz from Switzerland. The 33 year-old was awarded this prize of € 1000 for her quilt “Dressage”.

2nd Prize: Dressur (Dressage) by Sarah Schultz. Photo: Frei
 In contrast to previous triennials at which jury members were invited to exhibit one of their own works, the 5th European Quilt Triennial will also include a small solo exhibition by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs from the Netherlands, who has been a prize winner on two occasions in the past.

Following the exhibition in Heidelberg, the 5th European Quilt Triennial can also be seen in the Kreismuseum Zons (20.1.13 -7.4.2013), in the Textile Museum St. Gallen / Switzerland (mid April to end of June 2013), at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham/UK (mid August 2013) and in the Kulturens Hus Luleå / Sweden (November 2013). Other exhibition venues in the Netherlands and Hungary are under discussion.
Exhibition venue: Textile Collection Max Berk
Brahmsstraße 8 · 69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen Duration: 9.9.2012 – 6.1.2013
Opening times: Wed, Sat, Sun 1 – 6 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for groups
Entrance fee: € 2.50 / € 1.50 reduced
Exhibition catalogue with around 100 colour photos: € 12
Further information and photo material:
Textile Collection Max Berk · Kurpfälzisches Museum Tel.: 06221/800317, Fax: 06221/584699050 e-mail: kmh-textilsammlung-max-berk@heidelberg.de www.heidelberg.de/museum

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