19 October 2011

International Block Swap

 International Block Swap
Deadline: 31st March 2012
The online magazine Quilt around the World (www.quilt-around-the-world.com) has started a truly ambitious patchwork project – a global quilt block swap.

Invited are patchwork and quilt enthusiasts worldwide, no matter whether novices, occasional quilters or professionals. “We are not organising the patchwork and quilting world championships,” states Jutta Hufnagel, Managing Director of Quilt around the World GmbH. “For us, the main focus lies in the fun of working together with as many quilters from around the world as possible in this multi-national and cross-cultural quilt project.”

The quilters are asked to sew 12 quilt blocks according to their individual taste and quilt mastery. The blocks will then be swapped within internationally mixed teams. In order to achieve a great a diversity as possible there are next to no technique, colour or design restrictions. In the end, every participant will have the makings of a unique sampler quilt containing 12 different blocks from 12 different people around the world.
Participation in the International Block Swap is free. To cover the postage for the return of the individual sets of 12 different quilt blocks 10 € or 15 US$ will be charged. All monies left over will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Médecins sans Frontières (www.msf.org).
The deadline for submitting the 12 blocks is 31 March 2012.

To make this swap work, they need YOUR HELP!
The more blocks from as many different countries as possible, the more interesting this will be for everybody. Participants will be grouped into teams of 12 and the blocks will be swapped within the team. In the end, every participant will have the makings of a unique quilt containing 12 different blocks from 12 different people around the world.

They are hoping that, through this, lots of friendships will be forged around the world. 

How the International Block Swap will be organized:
  • Download the PDF flyer and fill in the registration form.
  • Send them the form together with your 12 identical blocks measuring 12 1/2“ or 31.5 cm (UNFINISHED size).
  • There are no restrictions regarding technique, colour or design. Please use high-quality cotton fabrics, an off-white background and include the colour red.
  • The deadline is 31 March 2012.
  • In addition, please transfer 10 EUR or 15 USD to cover international postagefor the return of your set of 12 different blocks. The instructions for payment can be found on the back of the enclosed PDF flyer.
  • They would also like entrants to enclose 12 picture postcards of your town, area or country with a bit about yourself on the back when you send your blocks. If you want to include your address and or email that’s up to you.
  • Beginning on 1 April 2012, teams will be formed to start sending out the block sets and the postcards.
  • As soon as the last package has been sent, all monies left over will be donated to Médecins sans frontières (www.msf.org).
Of course everyone will be curious to see your individual results! You can share a picture of your finished swap block quilt (top) by sending it to info@quilt-around-the-world.com where they promise to publish as many masterpieces as we can.
As the first International Block Swap evolves, they will publish pictures of blocks already sent to them, provide inspiration to help you get started, answer questions on any aspect of the swap and whatever else may crop up.
If you haven’t quilted for a very long time, don’t feel intimidated by the rules. You can do this!

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irenemacwilliam said...

How did this work out for anyone who participated? There is a call out for blocks for their next international quilt exchange.