16 January 2014

EQA Challenge

IPS members may submit work each year for the EQA Challenge which is displayed at the Festival of Quilts, UK.

There is a different challenge issued every year This year the theme for the Challenge for 2014 is “Seasonal Garden”' and members are requested to submit a 30 x 30 cm square.

The EQA countries all working on different seasons. Ireland has been given the season of "winter".

More information on how to enter the EQA exhibition will be in the Spring newsletter which has not been issued yet..

 Seasonal pieces from all the EQA countries will come together to form an exhibition at Festival of Quilts 2014 and after this will tour many of the EQA member countries.


1.                  Size: 30 x 30 cm square
2.                  Seasons by country:
·        Spring –    Spain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary
·        Summer – United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Luxemburg
·        Autumn – Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Belgium
·        Winter – Norway, France,  Latvia, Switzerland, Ireland
3.         Edges:              No raw edges and no visible binding                                                                                                                                                                                
4.         Sleeve:            10 cm sleeve on the top
5.         Name label:    With permanent marker pen write name and address on the sleeve
6.         Any technique may be used but the square must consist of three layers. No glass fronted or mounted exhibits will be accepted. Be warned that squares which are delicate or stiff are difficult to transport and display safely.
7.         The entire collection of "Seasonal Garden" will be launched at the Festival of Quilts in 2014. Some countries may decide to display their quilts and those from neighbouring countries at their annual general meetings. In this case, these quilts will be returned later than September 2014.
8.         All guild members may enter and there is no entry fee. The squares are not for sale.
9.         The quilts are insured for a nominal sum during the exhibition including transport to and from the FOQ 2014. (Information on transport & insurance for other exhibitions is available from the guild organising the event). Should a quilt be lost or damaged, the EQA member guild is not responsible for compensating the maker.)
10.       The "Seasonal Garden" squares will be picked up by the IR (or a designated person) after the show on Sunday. Arrangements can be made with Expofreight to send the quilts back at the relevant guild's expense.
11.       The entry form with a good photo should reach the International Representative by 31 May 2014
12.       16 squares will be selected by each country by 30 June 2014 the selected squares should be sent to the International Representative. Any quilts which do not comply with the rules, particularly in terms of size, edges or hanging sleeve, can be rejected on submission.
13.       Photos of the squares may be used for publicity purposes.
14.       Every member country of the EQA MUST provide SIXTEEN (16) squares for this exhibition. If too many squares are submitted, 16 must be selected in whatever way the guild decides. If too few quilts are submitted, the IR/executive committee of the guild MUST organise the making of the missing quilts.

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